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  Challenges  MTV stopped airing music videos as other sources to view them emerged over the years. More people started downloading music online for free and using youtube to watch unlimited music videos, causing difficulty in making business out of music videos to help sell albums for artists. In response to this, MTV received complaints from the 80’s and 90’s kids who missed the old times when MTV just played music videos all day. However, when the music videos were brought back to accommodate this, viewership was very low. Looking at these trends, the major challenge for MTV is to gather the interest of teenagers and young adults to the hundreds of MTV channels available internationally.   Target Audience  MTV’s classification of audience is reformers as the shows shown on MTV portray social awareness, freedom of restriction, and tolerance of complexity.  Target audiences are teenagers and young adults. MTV shows generally focus on what teenagers might find entertaining in our modern culture. Core MTV audience range from 15 to 34 years of age, covering all walks of life within that group. Typical viewers are youthful, mobile, explorers, adventurers, and unique experience seekers.
Cause and Phenomenon of Homelessness