About the Museum

Museum of Art and Science

Museum of Art and Science (MAS) allows visitors to get a sense of connection, creation, and exploration through interactive and functional installation. It expresses and explores art in 3-dimensional forms and plays with how art can breathe in space. Through MAS, I hope to provide a technical and interactive approach to art and to introduce a new approach to innovative designing of science and technology. MAS offers a wide range of enterprise from performance arts to interactive designings and displays realistic and compulsive atmosphere to the museum. Many visitors will come to MAS and question if this form of art is truly artistic, and many people will start asking if MAS has what it takes to be the museum that they have always seen. However, MAS will break the social norm and potentially change the way people look at museums; it will allow visitors to experience the future viewing of museums. It will not only help us understand and appreciate art of science and technology but also develop the way we think and perceive art through an unfamiliar yet exciting perspective. The self-generated goal of this project is to design beyond flat surfaces and to push my boundaries to see how far branding can reach. MAS is a platform in which I was able to experiment programming with “prohibited” materials that are not used in typical art.